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How Do I Get My Michigan Builder’s License?

There are 3 main steps in getting your Michigan Builder’s License:

1)      Complete an approved 60-Hour Builders Prelicense Course

2)      Send your license application, Certificates of Completion and fee to the State of Michigan for approval

3)      Register with PSI for the State Exam

Step 1.

Complete a 60-Hour Michigan Builders Prelicensure Course. This course must be approved by the state of Michigan for the Michigan Builder’s prelicensure requirement. Builders License Training Institute offers this course along with 3 free exam prep courses. The 60 hour program consist of 8 separate courses, students can choose to complete the video or text version of the course. Students can start with any course, there is no required order:

  • Business of Building
  • Contracts, Liabilities and Risk Management
  • Project Management for Contractors
  • Marketing for Building Contractors
  • Building Green
  • Residential Code Review
  • Michigan Construction Safety
  • Overview of Building Trades

All Courses are available in Online Video Format as well as text

Step 2.

After successfully completing the MI 60-HR prelicense Builder’s course the second step is to submit your application to the state of Michigan. Along with your license application, students need to send in copies of all 8 certificates of completion from the 60 hour program.

The license application fee is $195.00 per application and it can take up to six weeks for the state of Michigan to approve your application. Student’s application approval from the state of Michigan is good for one year from the date Michigan received your application.

Step 3.

Registering with Psychological Services, Inc. or PSI is the third and final step to getting your license.

Scheduling Your Exam

  • To register call PSI at 1-800-733-9267 or visit their website at
  • The cost is $111 for the Residential Builders exam and varies for the Maintenance & Alteration exams


  • Exams are given weekly in Southfield, Grand Rapids, Lansing and periodically in Marquette and Gaylord


  • You will be taking two exams for your builder’s license
    1. Business and Law – 50 questions (75 minutes)
    2. Trades:
      • Residential Builders Trades – 100 questions
      • Maintenance & Alteration Trades – exam varies with trade.

Builders License Training Institute offers many different 60-HR prelicensure course packages to choose from. BLTI also offers several approved continuing education courses, click here for the complete list. 



For the fastest and most economical way to complete this education visit or give the friendly staff a call at:


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