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27,600 WPS Violation

$26,700 Penalty For Failure to Meet Worker Protection Standard Requirements

Photo courtesy of USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service

The Hawaii Department of Agriculture found several pesticide safety violations at Wonder Farms, Inc during inspections conducted between 2012 and 2015. EPA inspectors discovered the company was out of compliance with the EPA's Worker Protection Standard and fined them $26,700.

Wonder Farm faced penalties for failing to:

  • Provide workers with information necessary for their safety regarding pesticide applications, including the location of the treated area, the product used, active ingredients, time of application, and any restrictions to entry.
  • Ensure that its workers and handlers had received pesticide safety training.
  • Post pesticide safety information in a central location after pesticides had been applied.
  • Ensure handlers used the required protective clothing, such as waterproof gloves and eyewear.

EPA inspectors also discovered that Wonder Farm applied pesticide products to their basil containing malathion, carbaryl, and dimethoate as active ingredients. These active ingredients are not authorized for use on basil. Wonder Farm also failed to follow the instructions found on the pesticide labels that set the approved application and frequency of use for crops, failed to properly clean leftover, non-refillable pesticide containers, and improperly used pesticides for cleaning spray tanks.

Do You Employ Workers and Handlers? 

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