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3 Myths We All Believe

There are 3 myths we tend to believe when it comes to safety.

Myth #1. There are people whose job it is to protect me.

Know this, government alone cannot and will not keep you safe. A police officer will not be right around the corner in your time of need.

Myth #2. Nobody really pays attention to me or notices me.

Believe it or not, you are always being observed.  It doesn't matter if you are not attractive, overweight or old.  Assaults happen to anyone regardless of age, maturity or physical attributes. Regardless of your personal self-image, you are at risk of attack. It could be the sound of your voice, the fragrance you wear, your demeanor any number of things could be a trigger that attracts a would-be attacker.

Myth #3. Nothing has ever happened here, and nothing has ever happened to anyone I know. 

Things that "never happen", happen somewhere all of the time (complacency kills!) Fear is a necessary evil, just don’t let it control you.
You cannot rely on the fact that you live in a very safe area, you need to be prepared. You don't want to be afraid, but you must be aware and prepared for any situation.


How others see you will dictate how they respond to you.

  • Walk with purpose; chin up, direct eye contact (especially you ladies)
  • Appear confident yet approachable
  • Keep your appearance neat and tidy
  • Remain orderly; hands-free focused and persistent
  • Stay organized: ensure anyone you deal with realizes you are clear and methodical in your planning

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