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3 Ways to Optimize Downtime

It’s the beginning of the winter season and many of you will experience a bit of downtime between jobs.  Here are 3 ways to maximize your free time benefitting you and your business.

#1 Create a marketing strategy for the coming year

Spending a little time planning for the future will benefit you and your business.  Put together a customized, cost-effective marketing program that will work year after year. Even seasoned contractors will learn how to build a strong marketing program and cost-effective methods of generating leads.  If you are unsure where to begin, Builders License Training Institute has created an online video course “Marketing for Contractors” (Choose your state to get started) that will walk you through the process and you could also earn continuing education credits for license renewal in the process.  WIN! WIN!

#2 Research the latest technological advances and equipment and how they can benefit your business specifically.  Learn to utilize them to enhance your services and increase your income and productivity. One of the more recent technological advances in the use of Drones in the construction industry.  Commercial drone usage is gaining in popularity and the demand continues to grow. Once used exclusively for military purposes, the drone is now utilized in a variety of industries. Join instructor Greg MacMaster and explore the advantages of using drone technology for Construction and Real Estate purposes.

#3 Broaden your knowledge base, learn new skills and meet continuing education requirements in the process.  Many states require a varying amount of continuing education each license renewal cycle.  Why not get a jumpstart on your education requirements and beat the deadline!  Even if you are not required to take continuing education to renew your license, you can always learn something new to enhance your skillset.  Check out the wide variety of General Education Courses available online.  While you are at it, how about providing a little education for your employees as well.


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