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3 Ways to Use Drones in Construction

  1. Site Management
    Drones can be used to provide project managers a view of job sites, even when they can't be there. This can help the manager avoid potential safety hazards such as low crane clearances, active excavations, and high-traffic areas. Information gathered from drones can also be used to plan workflows and efficiently deploy resources throughout the site. It's easy to see how these functions increase job site efficiency, trim costs, and limit delays.
  2. Inspections
    Drones equipped with a camera can prove instrumental in inspecting hard-to-reach areas such as roofs and exterior windows. Significant costs can be saved on manned aircraft, scaffolding, and cherry pickers by using drones to provide aerial views.  
  3. Thermal Imaging
    Drones can be used to collect thermal imaging records of buildings, giving engineers and surveyors an image of cold and hot spots in buildings holding electrical components. This information is crucial to identify and rectify building defects.

    NOTE: Any individual flying a drone for commercial purposes must hold a Remote Pilot in Command Certificate per FAA requirements.


Steps to Obtain a Remote Pilot In Command Certificate
Step 1: Pay the $5 fee and register any aircraft that weighs more than 0.55lbs.
Step 2:  Pass the $150 Small UAS Remote Pilot Exam – exam prep is available here.
Step 3: Pass a TSA background check
Step 4: File FAA Form 8710-13

Check out this Complete Guide to Commercial Drone Use for more information.






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