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Realtor showing empty house

5 Safety Tips for Real Estate Agents

Being a real estate agent can be a fun but dangerous profession. Part of your job is to meet strangers in isolated locations at odd hours of the day. You put yourself at risk every day (without realizing it) by doing “everyday” tasks that may seem harmless. As a Realtor you may be asking, “What is the best way is to protect myself?” The answer, attack each day with a smart approach to safety, while always mindful of the following 5 safety tips.

Meeting a client for the first time:

The person you are meeting is a stranger, so avoid meeting in a secluded location. Your first meeting should be held on your territory/turf, the office. Have clients fill out a customer identification form and take photocopies of their I.D. The identification form should ask for their car’s make and license number, contact information, and employer information.

Realtor shows empty home to prospective buyers

Showing a home:

When showing a home, always walk behind the clients. The buyers will have a chance to explore the house while you follow behind. As a realtor you can lead them by saying “To the left we have the master suite,” or “On the Right you will enter the Kitchen.” Following behind your clients can keep you out of confined spaces and give you a faster escape if necessary.

Have your excuse ready:

When meeting a client for a walk through trust your gut instincts. If you are feeling uneasy it is important to have an excuse ready. Part of being prepared is having an exit strategy. Prepare a scenario in advance that gives you a good excuse to leave quickly. Remember to always keep your phone and keys on your person at all times.

Real Estate Agent at Open House

Plan escape routes a head of time:

Before showing a home for a client or open house, walk through the property and identify all the exits. Keep the doors unlocked for a quicker and safer get-away. Be aware of the neighborhood you are showing in. If you feel the neighborhood poses a possible threat to your personal safety, take another person with you.

Take a Self Defense Class:

“The chances are exceptionally small that a police officer will be right around the corner in your time of need. Always be prepared!” says Preston L. Taylor. Preston or “PT” is a police officer and owner of Grand Traverse Personal Protection. Learning the proper personal protection techniques could save your life.

The Real Estate Training Institute will be featuring Preston Taylor in our newest 4-hour online Self Defense course for real estate professionals. This course will count towards 4-hours of approved continued education credits for your Salesperson or Broker’s license.


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