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5 Ways To Use Your Drone For Profit

Have you ever wondered if you could turn your love of drones into a viable business opportunity? Many people have found creative and lucrative ways to use their UAS skills to their best advantage. Here are 5 ways to use your drone to earn an income and help humanity in the process.

  1. Photography- Aerial drone photography can be used for personal as well as industrial use.
    • Wedding Photography- Add cinematic flair and capture life events such as aerial shots of a beachside wedding.
    • Real Estate – Aerial photography of a homes exterior or landscape, beachfront or mountain views enhance the properties visual appeal and be a great tool to persuade buyers to purchase the home faster than still photography.
    • Construction companies use drone photographs for examining rooftop structures, checking the progress of a project, or examining the area for damage after a storm.
    • News outlets use drones to capture aerial footage of areas that are inaccessible after natural disasters such as a storm, flooding or fire.
  1. Cartographic Surveys – Cartographers use drones equipped with a camera and specialized software to map areas that are inaccessible by any other means. They are able to use special equipment and programs to collect data to assist them in creating maps, plots, and other legal documentation.
  1. Agriculture – Drone data can be used in agricultural settings to get the most yield from each growing season.
    With the right software, you can:

    1. Generate plant counts and forecast yield based on surveys of row-based plants.
    2. Assess tree crown health, diameter, and vegetation index values.
    3. Monitor plant health throughout the growing season.
    4. Assess crop coverage and gauge productivity and overall plant health by measuring the plant's growth.
    5. Identify and measure areas where flooding prevents crop production due to standing water.
    6. Measure chlorophyll and nitrogen content in various plants.
    7. And so much more!
  1. Security & Surveillance – Unmanned aircraft provide the ideal solution to the problems and limitations faced by previous surveillance methods. They are faster and cheaper than traditional methods. Drones can enter confined spaces with a minimum of noise and can be equipped with thermal sensors that allow it’s users to capture images otherwise undetectable by the human eye. UAV’s can cover large areas as well as places where the terrain is otherwise inaccessible. Utilizing a drone reduces the cost of additional staffing. Listed below are a few areas where a drone can be useful.
    1. Event security
    2. Maritime Defense
    3. Traffic Management
    4. SWAT Teams
    5. Anti-Poaching
  1. Search and Rescue Drone Operator – Drones are an attractive tool for Search and Rescue operators because of their ease of use and ability to reach places where rescuers have difficulty entering. They can keep rescue crews out of harm's way until the situation can be assessed and their physical presence is needed. Drones are much less costly than the services of a helicopter or plane for moving in and around disaster zones and hard-to-reach sites.  They’ve already been used in the Philippines and Haiti to after these areas experienced natural disasters. An 82-year-old Wisconsin woman was rescued after a hobbyist lent his drone to searchers. The woman could not be located by searchers, dogs or the helicopter teams who searched for three days. She was finally found in a remote 200-acre bean field after being spotted by a drone equipped with a camera.

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