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8 Marketing Tools for Construction Contractors

Relying on referrals from previous customers and other contractors is OK, but if you want a successful company it takes more than contacts and a sign on the side of your truck. Marketing for contractors is based around generating “quality” leads, and selling your premium workmanship to the customer. Here are 8 helpful techniques for creating a strong marketing & lead generation program designed to keep you and your team working on profitable jobs year round. 


 Branding and Marketing Your Construction Company


Organize your construction marketing plan– Decide on your target market and what forms of marketing you will focus on. Set objectives that are attainable and benchmark your progress. By becoming organized first, you will invest much less time and money in wasted or disorganized marketing efforts. Whether you specialize in a specific niche in the construction industry or are a general contractor, defining your target market is highly important to a successful marketing plan. When targeting your customers, decide on job types (renovations, new builds, framing, roofing, finishing, etc.) and/or demographics (Homes over $100k, customer age, financing options). Then build your marketing plan to fit the needs and wants of your target customers. 


Branding– Advertising your brand on everything you send out is the first action to take. Branding should be included on:

  • Business Cards and any paper products 
  • Promotional items like pens, squeeze balls, or small calculators
  • Websites and social media
  • Uniforms or clothing
  • Vehicle Signage 
  • Local sports team sponsorship’s
  • Job site signage – yard signs
  • Local magazines and newspapers
  • Trade show booths and events
  • The list is never ending… Promoting a brand you are proud of is key to getting noticed.



Create a website– Today, creating a website is easier than ever, and can be done from home or contracted at very reasonable prices. Once the website is built and launched, make sure that search engine optimization (SEO) is done correctly. SEO will help local searches find your company first. Populating your website with pictures of your previous work is a great way to showcase your talent, and build customer confidence. 


Internet Registration – Make sure that your company name (including phone number and email) is listed on all state and county licensed contractor boards. Also, registering on sites like Angie’s List and Yelp can help bring in new business. It is your goal to have your company listed everywhere possible, if you can have links back to your website or Facebook page DO IT!


Trade Shows/Events– Host a booth and create a systematic plan for attracting qualifying potential leads. This can have huge effects on the quantity and more importantly quality of the leads you generate. Companies that have a great trade show presence can quickly build a brand that is recognized and trusted. A full guide to building a construction marketing team for trade shows as well as canvassing will be posted soon. Follow Certified Training Institute if you are interested.


Canvassing- Home improvement companies and specific tradesman canvassing can create awesome leads. Organize and train a canvassing team to recognize possible customers in your target market. Presenting an opportunity for a free inspection and quote keeps business flowing in all year.


LinkedIn/Social Media– Creating a presence for your company on Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media platforms can add to your company’s website traffic as well as boost your local presence. Having a company page on social media platforms is becoming more and more important to top quality potential customers. They want to be able to find you everywhere they look. This builds trust and brand loyalty. Just as you are showcasing your work on your website, you should also populate your social media accounts with pictures of your work and updates on exciting projects. 


Direct Mail– The use of fliers, post cards, marketing packets and direct mail can be a great way to specifically reach your target market. These items should include special discounts or offers such as Free Inspections or Free Quotes.



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