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Self-Defense Class

A Ballet Self-Defense Course Designed to Protect Against Active Shooters

In Rio Rancho, New Mexico a dance teacher and a local police officer are working to help students and teachers feel safe in the classroom. Dance teacher, Christina Daly, was compelled to do something after her students expressed concern following the recent shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida. Many of her students stated that they wanted to be in her class when an active shooter situation occurs. It struck Daly that not only were other instructors possibly unprepared for such an event but also, her students spoke about school shootings in terms of "when" not "if" and they felt unsafe with many of their teachers. Daly decided to begin searching for a teammate to teach self-defense courses with elements of ballet movement. Daly was put in contact with Gloria Marcott, the owner of Soul Punch Self-Defense and a Rio Rancho police officer. 

These two are offering free self-defense and active shooter training courses to school employees every week. Marcott would like to include a Defense Alert Device for every teacher that attends a course but they cost about $100 each. Marcott and Daly are working to find sponsors for their program but in the meantime, they will continue teaching the courses at no cost.

More information about their classes can be found here:


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