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A Michigan Homeowner Lost $20,000 After an Unlicensed Contractor Does Shoddy Work

A family from Wyoming Michigan has lost $20,000 in supplies, labor, and unfinished work after an unlicensed contractor, Jay Vivoda, remodeled their bathroom. The family was told the renovation would cost approximately $4,900 and take about 3 weeks to complete. Instead, they spent over $20,000 on supplies over the span of several months. 

Vivoda left exposed wires under tile, failed to install a sink, and left the toilet flushing into a basement wall. It should come as no surprise that there were no permits pulled and the job was never finished. 

Home inspector, Harold Vandyke, looked at the family's bathroom and determined they would have to remove all of Vivoda's work and start over. He estimates it will cost the family another $20,000 to get the bathroom up to code.

The Wyoming, Michigan family is now encouraging others to research their contractors before signing any agreement and never provide money up-front.


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