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Alaska Architect License Renewal for 2016

Alaska Architect License Renewal for 2016

This is the year Alaska Architect license requirements need fulfilling! 2016 is approaching its end and licensed architect have just 12 more days to complete 24 hours of continued education. These hours must be in the category of health, safety and welfare (HSW) according to the Alaska Architect State requirements.

Members of the American Institute of Architects (AIA) need to complete 18 unit hours of AIA Approved Continued Education each calendar year. Out of these 18 hours only 12 must be designated HSW. This leaves 6 hours open for personal interests or “electives”.

There are schools that enable you to fulfill both the State and AIA architect requirements in one fell swoop.  Some even offer premade packages with bundled classes that fulfill all requirements.

What to look for when selecting courses

Be sure to look for schools that have their courses approved by both the State of Alaska and through the AIA.  Also, be sure to look for architect license renewal packages that have the appropriate HSA designations.

Look for interesting and new topics, such as Drone Technology, or courses that assist in design, such as weatherization design or successful site/building design.

When choosing online course, you may prefer to watch videos rather than read. Or you may want to have the course read to you while you drive or relax.  Look for schools that offer a variety of teaching methods.

If you are a member of the AIA, make sure the school in which you take your education follows through with notifying the AIA of your course completion.

How Do I Renew My Architect’s License?

The State of Alaska sends out renewal forms in November of odd numbered years.  If you have not received yours, give the Alaska Department of Commerce, Community & Economic Development a call.  It is your responsibility to notify the State of your Continued Education, but the school in which you completed your continuing education is responsible for notifying the AIA.

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