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Alaska Architect Registration FAQ

How do I renew my Alaska architect registration?

All Alaska architect registrations expire on November 30th of odd-numbered years. You can renew your license by following these steps:

  1. Complete 24-hours of Alaska approved continuing education
  2. Pay the $150 Renewal Fee
  3. Complete the online renewal forms can be found here

Where do I find classes to renew my Alaska architect registration?

Architects Training Institute offers Alaska-approved continuing education in an easy-to-use, online video format. Classes are available 24/7 on any internet capable device with the benefit of friendly licensing experts to answer any questions you may have.

Who submits my Alaska architect registration continuing education?

Alaska does not require architects or schools submit continuing education. Instead, architects must retain their certificates of completion for one year after renewal in case the Alaska Board of Architects chooses them for an audit. Architects Training Institute provides printable certificates immediately after course and completion and holds on to your certificates for 6 years at no extra charge.


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