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Alaska Residential Builders Continuing Education, Alaska Construction License Requirements, Alaska Builders License

Alaska Residential Builders License Continuing Education Requirements

All residential contractors in Alaska need at least 16 hours of continuing education every even numbered year, which would be December 31st of this year.   The Department of Commerce, Community and Economic Development will accept all 16 hours in technical topics that include construction codes or techniques, materials and energy issues, or architecture and interior design like ADA Standards courses.  Only 8 of the hours can be business related topics like finance, management, marketing, organization or first aid.


Residential Contractors that have been licensed for less than one year by the conclusion of the licensing cycle are not required to complete any hours of continuing competency for that year.  Builders that have been licensed for one year, but less than two, by the end of the cycle will need to complete 8 hours prior to renewing.  No hours can be carried forward.


After each renewal period, the Department will audit, at its discretion, renewal applications to monitor compliance with the State of Alaska continuing education requirements.  Should you be among those contractors getting audited, you will have 30 days after the date of notification to submit proof that you completed the required number of hours.  Be sure to get a Certificate of Completion from your courses and store it in a safe place for at least four years.


The Department will renew a residential contractor license that has been lapsed for two years or less as long as the applicant submits the renewal application with the appropriate fee and certificates showing completion of the required continuing education.  After two years, applicants will need to sit for the State exam again.



For the fastest and most economical way to complete this education, visit or give the friendly staff a call at 1-800-727-7104.


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