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Americas 11 Best For Pests

We often think about all of the amazing places we wish to vacation or even make our homes. But have you ever thought about the creatures that may be hidden between the walls, under the bed or between the sheets?  Listed below you’ll find an informative, yet tongue-in-cheek reference guide to some of America’s top cities and the creepy crawly creatures you’ll likely find hidden within them.

  1. New Orleans
    Next time you’re tempted to head south for Mardi Gras, you may think twice. New Orleans ranks high when it comes to sightings of cockroaches, rats, and mice according to a study conducted by Statista
  2. Washington DC
    Ranked the second worst city for bedbugs by Orkin. The huge influx of international travelers (along with their luggage) are to blame for shuttling these bothersome creatures throughout this city. No place seems to be safe as these pests have been sighted in public transportation, libraries, movie theatres and even hospitals. It’s reported that the even invaded the DC Department of Health in 2012.
  3. New York City
    It is estimated that as many as 28 million rats infest this city, that’s almost four rats for each human being in residence! Their only competition would be cockroaches. The cities architecture wasn’t designed with pest control in mind. The many alleyways, dumpsters and garbage cans make it easy for these pests to exist.
  4. Miami
    Who wouldn't want to live in Miami with its year-round steamy climate? Along with the snowbirds, Miami is also home to rats, cockroaches, mosquitoes, and ticks, just to name a few. According to a University of Florida study, it is estimated that by 2040, half of the structures in South Florida will be at risk for termite infestation. Homeowners in Florida pay on average $3,000 each year for pest control services.
  5. Phoenix
    Do you like scary creatures with venomous tails? Phoenix residents need to contend with scorpions as well as the usual rodents and termites. The Arizona desert is home to one of the most venomous scorpions in the United States. About 12,000 scorpion stings are reported each year.
  6. Atlanta
    Warm climates, wet summers, swamps and forest areas are the perfect breeding ground for the 45 varieties of mosquitoes that inhabit this area. They are common carriers of viruses including West Nile and Zika. 5% of households report rats and 25% have reported termite infestations.
  7. Boston
    Termites are the least of Boston’s concern. 17% of Bostonians reported mice infestations. Boston is well known for its rat problems. In 1917 the Boston Women’s Municipal League started a campaign against the rats. Appropriately dubbed “Rat Day”, residents were offered prizes for presenting the largest number of rat carcasses. A more recent solution involved dropping dry ice into rat burrows which suffocated the rats. However, this method was banned by the EPA because the dry ice wasn’t registered as a pesticide.
  8. Tampa
    Roaches are present in 38% of the homes in Tampa. The good news is that this city is practically rodent free! Not such great news for pets though, fleas and ticks seem to enjoy the weather as well as your pets. These pests carry Lyme Disease, Rockey Mountain Spotted Fever and Tapeworms!
  9. Nashville
    Nashville may be the home of Country music, but it’s also a haven for rats and snakes. Cockroaches, ticks and black widow spiders also like to call Nashville home. Perhaps they appreciate country music as well?
  10. Houston
    Houston's climate is warm and humid, making it a breeding ground for a wide variety of pesky creatures, among them are cockroaches, termites, bedbugs, and The American Housing Survey reported that two in five homes in Houston have reported seeing cockroaches. Houston is also home to the brown recluse, black widow, and many more spider species. While these spiders try to live indoors, they prefer to be away from people as much as possible.
  11. Philadelphia
    Rodents seem to be the most popular pest, apparently making this city, the "rattiest" city in America. The abundance of old row houses makes it easy for rats and mice to find holes to burrow into. Since these homes are situated alongside one another, the rats find it particularly easy to move from one abode to another. Their pesty neighbors the cockroaches have also found it easy to maneuver from home to home.

So there you have it, folks!  Have you thought about where you’d like to reside?  If you enjoy the company of these creatures, any of the cities listed above are great candidates for your next home. If you're anything like me, you’ll want to avoid these places altogether!

All humor aside, no matter where you live, there are likely to be pests of one form or another. Managing the infestation is the key to living harmoniously with natures irritating creatures.

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