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Man Flying a Drone Over an Onions Field

Approved Commercial Drone Training Now Available!

If you’ve been waiting for the day when you are able operate a drone without having to acquire a pilot’s license, your day is about to become a reality! The FAA has just released how they will incorporate small Unmanned Aerial Systems (sUAS), otherwise known as ‘drones’ for commercial use. In the past, you had to file a request for an exemption and have at least a private pilot’s license in order to operate a sUAS. For some, this has taken over a year to become approved. Now, all you’ll have to do is pass the FAA’s Aeronautical Knowledge Test at an FAA approved testing facility. The FAA will begin scheduling the tests around August 21, 2016, here is a complete list of Airmen Knowledge Testing Centers.

You’ll be sharing the airspace with millions of aviators, so knowing what the airspace rules are when operating will help keep you out of trouble and keep the skies safe for others. You’ll need to Pilsen, Czech Republic - March 17, 2015: Drone quadrocopter Dji Phantom 2 with didital camera GoPro HERO4 Black edition. New tool for aerial photo and video.understand different types of airspace classifications and how to operate in them -there is a difference. Weather will play a major factor in how and where you operate safely. Federal Aviation Regulations that govern the airspace need to be adhered to as well. It’s common sense blended with an understanding of Controlled Airspace, Weather, Regulations and best practices. It’s not as simple as plug and fly.

Here’s a summary of the new rules:

and the 600+ page document that details everything:

Don’t be overwhelmed, Certified Training Institute (CTI) has a fantastic online course that will not only help you to be a safe operator, but prepare you to pass the FAA Aeronautical Knowledge exam so you can become a commercial drone pilot. Once you take the course, you’ll see a very similar format that was just proposed by the FAA. That’s because it was modeled after the CTI sUAS course which became available in early April 2016 and submitted to the FAA sUAS division for recommendation. There’s even 2 sample FAA Aeronautical Knowledge Test Banks to help prepare you to pass the actual FAA test.

greg_macmaster_head_shotMy name is Greg MacMaster, and I’m an instructor, who has accumulated over 2000 flights and 400 hours of flight operations in real estate and the construction industry. My course will take you through the pros and cons of operating a drone in your industry and then takes you to the next level to pass the FAA Aeronautical Knowledge Test.

So, to summarize; the FAA will be gearing up for millions of new willing sUAS pilots ready to take the test and become commercially certified starting August 21st, 2016. Will you be ready?

Get a jump on your competition and sign up for Commercial Drone Pilot Training today!

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