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Successful Renovations & Additions

The home renovation market is growing nationwide. Not only are young, first-time homeowners likely to invest in renovations, but also, the sizable aging population is increasingly in need of home renovations to meet their changing needs. Gone are the days when finding the most practical solution to a homeowner’s problem was sufficient, instead, home owners want a solution that meets their needs while providing a pleasant space that flows well with the rest of the home and maintains energy efficiency. For example, adding a box onto the back of a house may give the homeowner more space but it is not energy efficient, it is not a pleasant looking solution, and it can lower the value of the home. Enter the architect.

Why do Architects need to know about renovations and additions?

Architects can help to solve each of these problems by helping home owners design a space that meets the homeowner’s needs while maintaining housing flow, efficiency, and beauty.  Architects Training Institute has designed a course, Successful Renovations and Additions, to prepare you for this growing renovations market. This course covers pre-design, building design, structural concerns, creating a watertight envelope, code issues, and construction details.

What else can you learn?

  • How to specify and identify any code related issues or requirements
  • How to investigate the important conditions and bring attention to critical issues
  • How to identify and integrate strategies that involve building design, existing conditions, and common issues.

If you have any questions about this course or architect licensing in general please visit our website, call us at 800-727-7104 or email


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