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Arkansas Architects, Its Time To Renew!

Licensed Arkansas Architects, it's time to think about completing your continuing education requirements. If you're not sure what is required to renew your license, check out the continuing education Q&A below.

How many hours of CE do I need to renew my Arkansas architect license?

Arkansas requires all licensed architects complete 12-hours of continuing education in HSW subjects each renewal cycle. If you are also a member of the AIA you must complete 18-hours of continuing education every year including 12-hours in HSW subjects.

When is my Arkansas architect continuing education due?

State continuing education is due July 31st every year. AIA continuing education is due December 31st every year.

Who notifies the State of Arkansas when I complete my architect continued education?

At registration time, each architect shall complete and submit an affidavit prescribed by the board attesting to his or her fulfillment of the required continuing education hours during the preceding calendar year.

Are AIA approved classes accepted as architect continuing education by Arkansas?

Yes, you may complete AIA approved courses to meet 12-HSW hours for both Arkansas and the AIA.

Where do I find state and AIA-approved continuing education courses?

Architects Training Institute offers online video courses approved by both the AIA and the state of Arkansas. All courses are available 24/7 from any internet capable device, with the benefit of a full staff of licensing experts to help you with any questions you may have. Start here!

I have extra continuing education hours, can I apply them to the next renewal cycle?

No carryover of continuing education hours from the previous calendar year is permitted.



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