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Attention All Utah Contractors!

T-Minus 28 Days

November 30th, is the licensing renewal deadline for all building contractors in the state of Utah. Contractors are required to complete 6-Hrs. Continuing Education each licensing cycle. 3 hours must be “Core” courses and the other 3 may be either “Professional” or “Core”.  Builders License Training Institute (BLTI) is offering an online CEU course that qualify for 6-hrs “Core”. 

What course?

BLTI is offering building contractors the 2010 ADA Standards: Real World Application, as a special CE course. This six hour video course covers the second chapter of the 2010 ADA Standards for Accessible Design. The material is presented by simple narration and power point video, as well as on-site, real world video examples in various accessible buildings, used by both the public and by private businesses. 

Contractors will…

  • Recognize how the overall philosophy of the Americans with Disabilities Act can, and does create an environment of opportunity and non-discrimination.


  • Be able to recognize what facilities can, and should comply with ADA standards.


  • Outline at least one design strategy based on ADA standards for the construction of either a public or private building.


Complete your Continuing Education Now!

For the fastest and most economical way to complete this education visit or give the friendly staff a call at: 1-800-727-7104

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