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Homes Made with Recycled Materials

Photo by Ossip van Duivenbode, courtesy of Architectuur Maken

Build a home with recycled materials? Some builders have done just that!  Check out these innovative and creative homes built entirely from reclaimed and recycled materials.  This just proves that one man’s junk is another man's treasured home. Let's start with one of the more conventional examples.

The above structure looks brand-new, but its bricks are made of waste and rubble, ceramics, glass and clay. The building was designed by Architectuur Maken who utilized a Dutch company called StoneCycling who ground up waste products and formed them into bricks.


Photo by Chris Cooper, Courtesy of Poteet Architects

Container Guest House in San Antonio, Texas

This house was designed by Poteet Architects for a client who wished to reuse a one-way shipping container. This eco-friendly structure sits on a foundation of recycled telephone poles and has a deck created from recycled soda bottles.


Photo courtesy of The Bottle Houses

And for the more eclectic homeowners, The Bottle Houses – Cap-Egmont, Prince Edward Island

These structures have a fairytale-like quality. Built by Edouard Arsenault out of more than 25,000 recycled glass bottles gathered from around the community. The three buildings took almost four years to construct and are open to the public as a tourist attraction. The three structures consist of a Six-Gabled house, a tavern, and a chapel.  Arsenault died in 1984 before completing the final details of the chapel.


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