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CA Commission on Disability Access

California Architects: Avoiding CCDA Violations

The California Commission on Disability Access (CCDA) just released their annual report to the California State Legislature. The report is filled with great information to help Architects and Construction Supervisors in California avoid costly CCDA violations. No one wants to take time and focus away from their business to deal with court proceedings and state bureaucracies.

Last year there were 11,468 violations, up from 9,643 in 2015.  The Commission organized alleged construction-related violations into six categories: Toilet Rooms and Bathrooms, Parking, Accessible Route Entry, Equipment within Public Facility, and General Violations. The Top 10 violations totaled 8,589 and fell within two categories: Parking and Accessible Routes and Entry; both violations have been on the Top 10 list since July 2014. Examples of parking violations include: the minimum number of disabled parking stalls being non-compliant, non-existent van-accessible parking, and non-compliant signage in parking lot. Examples of accessible route and entry violations include non-compliant ramps, non-accessible routes and entry doors.

Per California’s architect license requirements, professionals must complete five hours of continuing education in Disability Access curriculum every two years. Architects Training Institute offers an easy to use and convenient 5-hour disability access course approved by the California Architect’s Board and the American Institute of Architects.

If you have any questions about your California Architect license renewal or architect licensing in general, please call 1-800-727-7104 or email


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