Georgia Contractor Renewal Steps

  1. Complete the appropriate continuing education 

    Residential Basic Individual Builders 3 credit hours
    Residential Basic Qualifying Agents 3 credit hours
    Residential Light Commercial Individual 6 credit hours
    Residential Light Qualifying Agents 6 credit hours

    NOTE: Georgia contracts can only complete 50% of their continuing education courses online.

  2. Submit your continuing education certificates to the Georgia Bureau of Professional Licensing
  3. Renew your license by paying a $100 fee and logging on to the Bureau website.

Where can I find courses to renew my Georgia contractors license?
Builders License Training Institute offers online continuing education to meet half of your state requirements. Courses can be viewed 24 hours a day 7 days a week on any internet capable device.

What happens if I do not complete the state-required continuing education?
If you fail to complete your continuing education by June 30th your license will not be renewed and the Bureau may take additional disciplinary measures.

Georgia Online Continuing Education Courses 





Massachusetts Construction Supervisor Renewal Guide

How do I renew my Massachusetts construction supervisor license?
Unrestricted, restricted, and specialty construction supervisors are required contractors to:

  1. Complete the required continuing education (see table below)
  2. Request a renewal application from DPS here. (check your spam folders for a message titled “Renewal Notice Enclosed”. Allow 3 days to receive the form.
  3. Complete and mail the renewal application with a $100 fee, allow 5 weeks for processing
    Renew your license online with a $100 fee.

What continuing education do I need to renew my Massachusetts construction supervisor license?
Massachusetts construction supervisors must complete varying continuing education depending on their license type.

Unrestricted Construction Supervisors 12 hours of continuing education
Restricted Construction Supervisors 10 hours of continuing education
Specialty Construction Supervisors 6 hours of continuing education per category*


*Specialty construction supervisors have a maximum of 12 hours of continuing education, even if you are licensed in all 6 categories you must complete 12 hours of continuing education.

Where do I find courses to renew my Massachusetts construction supervisor license?
Builders License Training Institute offers Massachusetts approved continuing education. Courses are completed online, at your convenience, on any internet capable device. You may purchase courses at any point in your licensing cycle and have access to them until your expiration date or six months from purchase, whichever is longer.

I missed the renewal date for my Massachusetts construction supervisor license, what do I do?
You may not legally work until you have renewed your license. Licenses can be renewed for up to two years after expiration.

  • Expired less than 2 years – You may renew your license by paying an additional $100 fee, meaning late renewals cost $200.
  • Expired more than 2 years – You must retake the exam and apply for a new license.

Massachusetts Construction Supervisor Continuing Education



CCB Rule Changes Lower Continuing Education Costs

The CCB is changing their submission process effective July 1, 2017. Contractors will no longer be subject to a $15 an hour up charge for CCB laws, regulations and business practices courses. Since residential contractors who are not exempt must take these courses each two-year licensing period, they will save $45 per license cycle.

Also effective July 1, 2017, schools providing continuing education no longer have to pay $4 per student hour in Series A upload fees. Builders License Training Institute is excited to pass these savings on to you by removing the $4 upload fee from each affected course starting July 1st. All Oregon contractors must complete 5 hours of Series A continuing education each two-year cycle. The removal of a submission fee will save $20 per license cycle.


  1. Complete your state required continuing education.
    3 hours of CCB are only available through the state.
    Series A & B Courses are available online here.
  2. Complete the renewal form you will receive from the CCB 6-8 weeks before your license expiration or renew your license online.


3 credit hours: CCB Laws, Regulations & Business Practices
5 credit hours: Series A
8 credit hours: Series A or B
3 credit hours: CCB Laws, Regulations & Business Practices
5 credit hours: Series A
16 credit hours: Total 8 credit hours: Total







How do I get my Louisiana commercial contractor’s license?

  1. Submit an application to the State Licensing Board for Contractors
  2. Upon receipt of the application, the State Licensing Board for Contractors will send you an examination scheduling notice with the date of your exam.
  3. Pass the Business and Law exam – exam prep for Louisiana business & law exam
  4. Pass the NASCLA Exam– exam prep for the NASCLA exam

When do I need a Louisiana commercial contractor’s (NASCLA) license?
Any construction project of $50,000 or more ($1 or more for hazardous) must be performed by a licensed contractor, even the homeowners themselves. There are no provisions in the law to prevent an owner from applying for and being issued a contractor’s license. 

Why should I take the NASCLA exam?
Contractors must pass the NASCLA exam to do commercial work in Louisiana. The NASCLA-Accredited Commercial Contractors license allows contractors to work in multiple states with little or no additional exams. Some states may require NASCLA license holders to pass a state-specific Law exam, however, you will not be required to pass a separate Commercial Trades exams. States currently accepting NASCLA licenses include Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, Nevada, North Carolina, Oregon, South Carolina, Tennessee, Utah, Virgin Islands, Virginia, and West Virginia.

Can I do residential work with a Louisiana commercial contractor’s license?
Yes, commercial contractors can do residential work, in fact, contractors working on more than one residence must have a commercial contractor (NASCLA) license.

What can I expect from the Louisiana Business and Law exam?
The Business and Law exam is an online, open book examination based on the Contractors Guide to Business, Law and Project Management, Louisiana Contractors 12th Edition. You will have 4 hours to complete this 50-question examination from the minute you first begin.

What can I expect from the Louisiana NASCLA exam?
The NASCLA exam is 115 questions, you will be required to get 81 answers correctly.  The exam lasts 330 minutes and covers estimating, bidding, preconstruction, project management, project construction, project closeout, business, and fiscal management.

Where can I find exam prep for the Louisiana Business and Law and NASCLA  exams?

Builders License Training Institute offers online HD video exam prep for the Business and Law and NASCLA exams. Exam prep is available 24/7 and broken into several sections, making it easy for contractors to work through the materials at their own pace on any internet capable device.

Is the NASCLA an open book exam?
Yes, there are 20 references books allowed in the exam. A complete list of books is available here.



Would Drones Benefit your Construction Company?

Photo credit: Jessica Lea/DFID

A recent study of two construction companies focused on how company size affected the use of drones. Bough Engineering is a family owned construction company that employs 13 people. PCL Construction is a group of independent general contracting construction companies operating in the US, Canada, and Australia. PCL employs 4,400 people. Contrary to what many may expect, representatives from both companies use drones in much the same way.

How will a drone impact my construction company’s bottom line?

Bill Bennington, a spokesperson for PLC Construction, found the impact of drones hard to measure, “How do you quantify the value of a quality issue that never happened because it was prevented through our use of a drone?”  We are tracking the time and resources spent utilizing the drone to determine grades and contours vs the cost of a traditional survey.”

According to Bough, on the other hand, “You can’t use the drone like you’d use a survey crew for exacting work. They can get you close though, and that can work really well…” Bough is enthusiastic about the drone’s quick turnaround time for surveys.  The drone sends him a cut/fill map the same day as the survey takes place, this allows him to figure out what needs to be done the day after the survey.

What kind of data will I get from using a drone at my construction company?

According to Bough the data collected by drones is the same as the data collected by survey crews. In fact, the topographic surveys and digital terrain models provided by aerial mapping, a process that has been used since the 50’s, are identical to those collected by drones.

Bennington suggests crews begin thinking of surveys as a two-step process. The survey itself being step one and the consumption of data at the office being step two. Bennington agrees that the data provided by drones is the same as the data provided by other survey methods.

Will I have to train my crew to use drones at my construction company?

Any employee operating the drone must be at least 16 years old and hold a remote pilot airman certificate with a small UAS rating or be under the supervision of an individual with a remote pilot certificate, and pass applicable TSA vetting. A step-by-step guide to getting your remote pilot airman certificate can be found here.




A recent survey of millennials found that 70% expect to be home buyers by 2020. As millennials infiltrate the housing market it is important for contractors to understand that their needs differ greatly from prior generations. A recent study by TRI Pointe Group, Metrostudy, Hanley Wood and Ketchum Global Research & Analytics brings three millennial home buyer trends to light.


Multiple surveys have found that millennials have a greater desire for outdoor living space than any generation that came before them.  In fact, many millennials rate outdoor living space as the most important aspect of their home.

  • What does that mean for you? Plan on building homes with outdoor patios, decks, and porches.


Open kitchens are a close second for millennial home needs. Millennials not only want an open concept for their kitchen and living spaces but they also want all of their appliances to fit seamlessly into their home.

  • What does that mean for you? Homes with open floor concepts will continue to grow in popularity. If you are choosing appliances for a spec home make sure they are high performing and blend with the home design.


71% of surveyed millennials indicated that personalization was a crucial factor for their home. Additionally, 22% of those surveyed in Generation Y stated they would spend money on customization in their home.

  • What does that mean for you? Millennials like options. Provide a variety of options for your millennial clients to keep them satisfied with your work.






What do the lines, arrows, and bullets mean in your 2015 Michigan Code Book?

Michigan builders are required to have access to the 2015 Michigan Code Book by their renewal date, May 31st, 2017. The new code book is based off the 2015 International Building Code Book, with slight changes made by the state.  While most of the book remains the same, lines, arrows, and bullets are used to designate changes made by Michigan or the International Building Code (IBC).

DOUBLE VERTICAL LINES Show amendments and changes to the IBC code book by Michigan.
SINGLE VERTICAL LINE A change from the 2012 code book, implemented by the IBC.
SINGLE BULLET Marks code that has been moved from its location in the 2012 code book.
DOUBLE BULLET Marks the new location of codes moved in the 2012 code book.
ARROW Present where a section of code deleted from the code book by the ICC.
ASTRISK Appear near sections of the code that Michigan has decided not to adopt.



  1. Complete your state-required continuing education. Courses are available online or in person.
  2. Go to the LARA website to renew your license online. There will be a $150 renewal fee, fees must be paid by Visa, MasterCard, DiscoverCard, or electronic check.
    *Don’t own a credit card? Prepaid credit cards are available at most gas stations & grocery stores.
  3. Save your continuing education certificates for 6 years in case of a state audit.


You are not legally allowed to work as a builder in the state of Michigan if your license has expired. Charges and steps for reinstatement depend on the duration of your license lapse.

Duration of Lapse Reinstatement Steps Fees
Less than 60 days 1.      Complete online renewal process
2.      Pay $20 late fee in addition to the $150 renewal fee
61 days – 3 years 1.       Fill out a reinstatement application
2.       Pay $35 late fees in addition to the $150 renewal fee
More than 3 years 1.      Complete 60 hour prelicense course – available online or in person.
2.      Send an application to Michigan
3.      Pass Builder Exam




Rhode Island Contractor Registration Complete Renewal Package

When does my Rhode Island contractor registration expire?

Rhode Island contractor registration cards expire every two years on the first day of the month of issuance.  For example, if you received your card on May 15th, 2015, your renewal date is May 1, 2017.

How do I renew my Rhode Island contractor registration?

Registration must be renewed through the Rhode Island Contracting board by paying a $200 fee, completing 5 hours of continuing education, and filling out an affidavit and registration application. If you are paying by credit card, you must bring the following: payment, continuing education certificates, affidavit, and application to the Contractors’ Registration and Licensing Board office. If paying by check or money order these documents can be mailed to:

One Capitol
Providence, RI 02908-5859

Where do I find courses to renew my Rhode Island contractor registration?

Builders License Training Institute offers approved online registration renewal courses in a complete 5-hour package or as individual courses. You may purchase courses at any point in your renewal cycle and retain access to them until your renewal date. Courses can be taken 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for your convenience, on any internet capable device. If you have any questions before purchase or while taking your course, the Builders License Training Institute student services staff is available Monday – Friday.

You may purchase courses at any point in your renewal cycle and retain access to them until your renewal date. For your convenience courses can be taken 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, on any internet capable device. If you have questions before purchase or while taking your course, the Builders License Training Institute student services staff is available Monday – Friday.



How do I obtain my course certificates to renew my Rhode Island contractor registration?

Builders License Training Institute will submit your continuing education the next business day after completion.  You will be able to download and print certificates for your own records immediately after completing the course.

What happens if my Rhode Island contractor registration expires?

If you do not complete your continuing education and reregister with the board you will be required to pay an additional $35 late fee to renew. Until you renew your registration you will be unable to obtain any permits to build..



Tips for Flipping Houses in Michigan

Flipping houses can be incredibly profitable if done correctly but many first-time home flippers lose money by making beginner mistakes.  Ask yourself a few questions before you decide to flip a home and make sure it is a good venture for you.

Do I have enough money to flip homes?

Many first-time home flippers fail to consider costs aside from the initial acquisition. Make sure you also take interest, holding costs (taxes, utilities), and renovation costs into account when deciding if you should purchase a home to flip.

Do I have the skills to renovate a house?

If you can do the work yourself you may be able to make house flipping lucrative. On the other hand, if you must pay a professional to do the work it will eat into your profits. Make sure you do not go overboard with renovations.  You need to make sure you do enough work to increase the value of the house without sinking all your profits into upgrades.

Do I know the neighborhood?

Make sure you know the average selling price of homes in an area before you purchase. If you’re considering buying a $60,000 house in a neighborhood where homes sell for $100,000 you will want to make sure renovations won’t cost more than $40,000 or you won’t turn a profit.

Do I need a license to flip houses in Michigan?

Depending on the frequency and nature of work you will be doing you may need a builders or maintenance & alterations license and/or a real estate salesperson license.

A builders license is necessary for any person who purchases, substantially rehabilitates or improves, and resells a residential structure, within one year unless the home is for your own use and occupancy, you contract/hire a licensee to perform all the work, or you have a licensed employee do the work.

real estate salesperson license is necessary if you make more than 4 transactions per year. That means you cannot purchase and sell two homes within one year without being licensed.

How do I obtain a Michigan builders or maintenance & alterations license?

The first step to obtaining a Michigan builders or maintenance & alterations license is completing an approved 60-hour pre-license course either online or in classroom. Once the 60-hour course is complete you must fill out an application form and submit a $195 payment to the Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA). The state will contact you 2-4 weeks after receiving your application at which point you can take the state builders exam.  You will receive your state license in the mail shortly after passing the state exam.

How do I obtain a real estate salesperson license in Michigan?

First, you will need to complete a 40-hour pre-licensure course. Then, submit a real estate application to the state and find a broker to house your license. Once your application has been processed by the state you will need to pass a state license exam.

Like most endeavors flipping homes takes practice and patience. Make sure you give yourself enough time to find a home priced correctly, in a good neighborhood before you purchase.

Interested in obtaining your builder or real estate salesperson license?


40-hour Prelicense Course
Online 60-hour Prelicense Course | Classroom 60-hour Prelicense Course




Michigan Builders, May 31st is right around the corner, do you know how to renew?

As of 2017 all Michigan builder and maintenance and alteration license renewals must be completed online through the state of Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA).

How to renew your license online:

  1. Complete your state required Continuing Competency
    All Builders must complete continuing competency every renewal cycle.
    – Builders licensed for less than 6 years need 21 hours
    – Builders licensed for more than 6 years need 3 hours
  2. Follow this link to the LARA renewal page:
  3. Log in using the Permanent ID Number from your license
    You will need to complete the process twice, once with your personal builder license and once with your company builders license.
  4. Complete online renewal form & pay $150 renewal fee
    With this change, the $150 renewal fee must be paid by credit card or electronic check online at the time of renewal. Prepaid credit cards are available at most grocery stores and gas stations for any individuals who do not own credit cards or are uncomfortable paying by electronic check.
  5. Repeat process with company license

Note: Renewals completed after May 31st but before July 1st will incur an additional $20 late fee.

Still need your continuing competency?

Online courses meet 21-hour or 3-hour requirements.
Classroom courses meet 3-hour requirements.

Use Coupon Code
For 10% off online courses excluding any book packages.


Michigan Builder Continuing Education Courses