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Changing Society’s View of Plumbers

The public may view you as a plumber’s crack beneath a sink or hovering over a toilet, but what the public sees and the truth are two completely different things. How did this happen? How can we change public perspective so that you can be taken more seriously and instill the expectation that the expense of a real plumber is worth every penny to a homeowner?

A good place to start is to change the professional image. Nearly every profession has a recognizable and respectable uniform. Doctors wear lab coats, members of the military have their uniforms, and nurses wear scrubs. Since each profession has a similar standard and expectation for work appropriate dress, they obtain a certain level of respect within society.  If you needed an attorney and he showed up wearing a dirty old shirt and smelled like he hadn’t showered in a week, would you want him to represent you in court? No way!

Your trucks or vans should be just as clean as your personal image, from the lettering on the outside to the organization inside. You don’t necessarily need to apply expensive-looking decals or spend a ton of money on the latest organization system. Nothing sends a stronger message to a homeowner than your tool and van upkeep. People can tell how serious you take yourself and your job by how well you take care of your things. Think of it from the homeowner’s viewpoint. If you open the back door of your service vehicle and there is a mountain of junk, the homeowner’s first impression is that you are a slob. When you bring your pipe wrench to a job and it is covered with mud from yesterday’s water service, all they see is that you don’t care about your tools. If you track muddy footprints on their carpet, then you obviously don't care about your customer. Take the time to present yourself as neat and orderly, you'll be surprised at the level of respect you'll encounter by upping your professionalism!

These few changes can make all the difference to your business. A professional image at every level will command respect and will lead to higher wages, higher sales and less complaining about price because what customers are really complaining about is perceived value.

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