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Did You Know About The EPA’s WPS “How To Comply” Manual?

The EPA has teamed up with the Pesticide Educational Resources Collaborative (PERC) and created a guide to help users of agricultural pesticides become compliant with the requirements of the 2015 revised federal Worker Protection Standard.

You are encouraged to read this manual if you employ agricultural workers or handlers, produce agricultural plants as an owner/manager of an agricultural business or involved in commercial pesticide handling or work as a crop advisor.

The WPS “HOW TO COMPLY” manual will:

  • Help you determine whether you need to comply with the WPS.
  • Give you detailed information on how to comply with the WPS requirements, including exemptions, exceptions, restrictions, options, and examples.
  • Provide you with a “Quick Reference Guide” — a simplified route to compliance that focuses on the basic WPS requirements (excluding exemptions, exceptions, etc.).
  • Explain how important definitions affect your WPS responsibilities.
  • Provide other special notes to help you better understand the WPS requirements and how they apply to you.

To access the entire 146 page “How to Comply with the 2015 Revised Worker Protection Standard for Agricultural Pesticides” manual click HERE.


EPA Approved Online Video Worker Protection Standard

In English & Spanish!


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