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Do I Need A Handyman License?

The short answer is no. Currently, no states require a specific Handyman license per say, but many require varying levels of licensure for contracting work.  For example, some states require a license to perform any work in exchange for payment, while others only require a license if a job provides income over a set amount, still other states do not require a license at all. It is important to understand your state's licensing requirements to avoid hefty fines, jail time, or nonpayment for services. Most states do not require unlicensed contractors return the money they have already received from jobs; however, a few states require handymen return any money made on a job. In one case, a contractor had to return over $700,000 after completing a road and parking lot without a license.

Learn more about your state's licensing requirements by clicking on your state below or calling our friendly support staff: 800-727-7104




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