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Realtor Shaking Hands

Does Your Company Have Your Best Interest In Mind?

There have been a number of assaults on Real Estate professionals reported on our nations news networks.  One such incident regarding a female real estate agent Beverly Carter is still making headlines. 

Carter was abducted and killed in 2014 after meeting a couple (Aaron Lewis and Crystal Lowery) who arranged a fake tour. The couple is currently incarcerated and serving 30 years and life sentences.

The victims family is suing her employer stating in a lawsuit document that “Crye-Leike was well aware of the life-threatening dangers Mrs. Carter faced in the real estate industry and had the duty to provide Mrs. Carter with the necessary tools, guidance, skills, information, awareness, consulting, training, support and technology to keep her safe. Defendants failed in this regard, and as a result, Mrs. Carter's life ended much too soon.”

While most companies have employee safety and welfare at the forefront of their minds, some safety aspects are often overlooked.  The Real Estate Industry has its share of hidden dangers and opportunities where an agents safety is compromised.

Certified training institute offers an online Personal Safety and Self Defense training program to help prepare you and your staff for the unthinkable. 

Course instructor Preston L. Taylor “PT” is a police officer with over 20 years of experience, and is extremely knowledgeable in the realm of personal protection and self-defense.

This online course offers self-defense tactics from the stand-up position utilizing gross motor skill (easy but effective) techniques as well as ground defense and ground avoidance (rape prevention) tactics which can be used anywhere in any situation. You will also learn to be aware of your surroundings and potential dangers.

Certified Training Institute also offers corporate discounts. Not only will you learn lifesaving skills, you can also claim course credits toward your state required continuing education.  Don’t wait until another agent falls victim to foul play, Be Prepared, Be Safe! Sign up today.


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