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Does Your Organization Offer Online Training Courses?

Electrical Codes and Standards Training Institute (ECSTI), in partnership with the Stallcup’s, have created a custom Affiliate program that features online CEU training. This program is designed to give Associations, Organizations, and even Union Locals the ability to offer the best online training available. Expanding their education offering, while adding revenue to their bottom line.

There is no need to change any of the programs your Organization has in place. ECSTI will blend with and add to your current training programs. This on demand training can be taken anytime day or night. Our mobile friendly platform gives employees the ability to login from any computer, tablet, or even their phone.

How Does ECSTI’s Affiliate Program Work?

Your union would receive 15% of all revenue generated from the training program each month. We have helped other organizations and many other organizations with online training programs. Not only is this a great benefit you can offer your members, but setup is fast and easy, and it will generate money directly for your organizations.

 Program Details:

  • 15% Revenue Share
  • Customized landing page for your state and surrounding states
  • No Investment or work needed for setup. We will do it all.
  • All you need to do is add a link from your website menu to your company’s custom ECSTI landing page.
  • ECSTI can have your entire program up an running in less than a week.

Chapters and Organizations Who Are Involved

Below are links to other Chapters and Organizations who are involved with ECSTI’s Affiliate program:

ECSTI can have your entire program up and running in less than a week. ECSTI recently won Training Software Product of the Year from EC&M Magazine. This is the same training you would be offering through your union page created by us.


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