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Done Near Airplane

Drone Strikes Passenger Plane Over Canada

A Skyjet charter plane was struck by a drone as it approached Jene Lesage International Airport in Quebec City. The plane was carrying two crew members and six passengers at the time. Luckily for everyone involved, the plane was struck in the wing and not badly damaged.

As drone usage continues to increase worldwide, encounters between drones and planes have increased. However, this incident is the first confirmed collision.

It is illegal to fly recreational drones within 3.5 miles of airports or more than 300 feet high in Canada. Individuals who do not follow these regulations may face a fine of $20,000 U.S.D. and a prison sentence. 

The drone that struck the passenger plane last Thursday was within the 3.5-mile restriction but was flying 1,500 feet high. Had the drone struck a window or damaged the engine the results would have been catastrophic.


All commercial drone pilots must possess a Remote Pilot in Command Certificate which can be obtained by passing the FAA Remote Pilot in Command Exam.

  1. Pay the $5 fee and register any aircraft that weighs more than 0.55lbs.
  2. Pass the $150 Small UAS Remote Pilot Exam – exam prep is available here.
  3. Pass a TSA background check
  4. File FAA Form 8710-13

Check out our Complete Guide to Commercial Drone Use for more information.

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