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Drones In Construction

As a contractor, showcasing your work is one of the better ways to set yourself a part from the competition. By using drones, you can capture a vision of your work, that before would have been impossible to see. Greg MacMaster from Eagle Eye Drone Service in Traverse City, MI, is our featured instructor in the new course that focuses on Drones in Construction. This course covers everything from the different types of UAV/Drones to the benefits of using drones on your jobsite.

Drones Can Be Used For Many Things in Construction

Drone used for mapping on job site

  • Surveying
  • Mapping
  • Site Selection
  • Inspections/pre-inspections
  • Project progress
  • Aerial photo documentation on the job completion
  • And much more!

Real Life Example of Using Drones in Construction:

Let’s say a customer owns a three story hotel, and wants the roof inspected. You find out, there is no roof access, and it has a 12/12 pitch. You have two options, hire another company to come in with their equipment, which could take days to complete a full roof inspection costing extra money and time. Or take twenty minutes out of your day to fly a drone up near the roof and complete a full inspection. Having the ability to inspect the roof by drone will not only save time and money, but it will also keep you and your crew safe from the dangers that come with steep pitch roof systems.

DSLR picture of a Drone Ready To Fly. The quadcopter has a gimble mounted 4K video camera and The drone is a Yuneec Typhoon Q500+.

How Can I Use Drones in Construction?

This course will answer the questions “Which drone is right for me?” and “What is it that I want my drone to do?” Greg MacMaster does an excellent job of covering important topics in this introductory course. As someone who has taken the Drones in Construction course, I can honestly tell you that this course educated me on the benefits of using drones on the jobsite and more. So, don’t miss out on this opportunity to get a leg up on the usage of drones in construction and sign up today.

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