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ECSTI Is Now an Approved Online Provider for North Carolina Electricians

North Carolina electricians holding a U, L, or I license are required to complete 8 hours of continued education. Four of the 8 hours must be completed in a classroom. Electricians renew their licenses annually on the anniversary of their license issue date.

Electrical Codes and Standards Training Institute (ECSTI) offers 4 fully approved online video courses. Electricians will have the option to take a 4-hour or two 2-hour courses, to fulfill the required electrical continued education.

ECSTI’s courses will cover:

  • Definitions and clearance rules mandatory to ensure the safety of the general public and personnel working on or near wiring equipment.
  • Revisions in the 2014 code, and understand the purpose and rationale behind those changes.
  • How to apply the rules of Chapters 4-9 of the 2014 NEC, to other sections of the code when designing electrical systems.

But wait, there’s more!

Electrical Codes and Standard Training Institute (ECSTI) in partnership with the Stallcup’s is releasing Instructor Presentation Packages for classrooms across the country. Stallcup’s interactive presentations offer instructors tools and information that have never before been available. Top notch graphics, illustrations, “clickable” references, embedded videos, and Stallcup’s entire E-library, everything instructors have been waiting for! Each instructor presentation package includes:

  • 2014 NEC Changes: These 2014 presentations include the original 2011 standard, the NFPA Report on Proposal, any correlations with NFPA, 70E, 70B and 79 along with revisions and acceptance principals.
  • 2015 NFPA 70E Electrical Safety: Included in these presentations are illustrations with clickable references for every topic, the name of the submitter, the public input that influenced the change, as well as the revisions and response by the NFPA.
  • 2014 NEC Residential Receptacles, Motors and Transformers: This 4-hour interactive presentation course focuses on simplifying the more complicated rules pertaining to the design, installation, and selection of wiring methods and equipment.

For more information, contact Bob Webber- National Sales Manager at 231-943-2965

or visit for more information


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