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Online Electrical Continuing Education Course

ECSTI – The Best New Online Electrical Training & Continuing Education


Certified Training Institute is proud to announce the launch of a brand new online school for electrical professionals, Electrical Codes and Standards Training Institute, or ECSTI for short. ECSTI is changing the game for electricians who are tired of traveling hours to complete their CEU’s or sitting though mind numbing hours old online pdf. presentations. Through the use of cutting edge E-learning technology, and a partnership with the finest electrical instructors and publications in the industry, online electrical education is changing for the better. 


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ECSTI Online Electrical Courses – 

  • Real Instructors with Real Knowledge –  All courses are taught by the actual instructors and authors who created the course. Never listen to some canned computer generated voice again, with ECSTI you get the information straight from the source. James G. Stallcup and James W. Stallcup, two of the nations top electrical instructors and authors, present and explain every topic in its entirety. They have a passion for electrical standards, and with a combined experience of over 50 years in electrical education they know the consequences of bad information. The Stallcup’s were not happy with the poor quality of other online electrical education, so they set out to make a real difference.


  • Accessible Information –  Never go searching through your code book again. With our new courses all you have to do is click the code or standard and it expands to show you all the info you need. Every time a standard is referenced within the course, it is clickable so that students are not left wondering. With the ability to see the actual code language as well as the text from Stallcup’s publications, electricians have the best information so they can make the correct decisions. 


  • Interactive Video Presentation – Courses are created using customized programs that allow students to explore options and standards within truly entertaining video presentations. With the instructor on screen along with large scale illustrations, students can visualize topics while they are being explained.


  • Tailored to Your States Requirements – Each course offered through ECSTI is tailored to meet specific state requirements for license renewal.


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