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How do I renew my Kentucky architect license?

All Kentucky architect licenses must be renewed by June 30th, every year.

  1. Complete 12 hours of continuing education including 8 hours of Health, Safety, and Welfare (HSW) to renew with the state of Kentucky. AIA members must complete 18 hours, 12 of which must be in subjects designated as Health, Safety, and Welfare (HSW).
  1. Mail Renewal Documents including Renewal Notice Renewal Fee Payment
    1. Renewal notice will arrive in the mail approximately two months prior to the expiration date of your license. It is important to always keep your address updated with the state so you will receive your renewal notice.
    2. The renewal fee is $125
  1. Keep certificates from continuing education for four years in case of an audit. Kentucky does not require you to submit your continuing education at the time of completion, however, if you are audited you must provide proof of four years’ continuing education.

Where do I find courses to renew my Kentucky architect license?

Architects Training Institute offers online courses approved by the AIA and the Kentucky Board of Architects (BOA) for license renewal. Architects Training Institute offers a 12-Hour Complete Kentucky Renewal Package and an 18-Hour Complete AIA & Kentucky Renewal Package, as well as several smaller packages and individual courses.  Courses are completed at your convenience on any internet capable device with the benefit of a full staff dedicated to answering your questions.

How do I receive my Kentucky architect continuing education certificate?

Architects Training Institute provides a printable certificate immediately after course completion. Certificates can also be mailed to you if it is more convenient.

What happens if my Kentucky architect license is audited?

If you have fallen behind on your continuing education and face an audit, your license will be suspended. You will be required to make up any continuing education missed within a two-year period and will be charged a $250 fine along with the $125 renewal fee. Once the appropriate continuing education is complete and all fines are paid, your license will be reinstated.

What happens if my Kentucky architect license has expired?

Kentucky architects can reinstate an expired license by filling out an application (available by request to BOA), listing completed continuing education for the most recent two years, and paying a $150 fee plus a $125 fee for every year missed.

For questions regarding license reinstatement or audits, contact:

Kentucky Board of Architects
155 East Main Street, Suite 300
Lexington, KY 40507


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