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Everything You Need to Know to Become a Licensed Contractor in Arizona

Who needs an Arizona Contractor license?

Any business which contracts or offers to contract to build, alter, repair, add to, subtract from, improve, move, wreck or demolish any building, highway, road, railroad, excavation or other structure, development or improvement.

Contractors must be properly licensed before submitting bids.

How do I get an Arizona Building Contractor license?

  1. Download a Contractor’s License Application Form which will guide you step by step through the licensing process.
  2. Identify a qualifying party – A person who meets or exceeds the license classification requirements for the license in which they are applying
  3. Prepare for your licensing exam by taking the Exam Prep Course(s)
  4. PASS the required parts of the contractor exam(s)
  5. Submit to Background Checks
  6. Form a Legal Entity
  7. Bond
  8. Pay the fees and assessments with your application form
  9. Provide proof of identity – Government issued Identification
  10. Submit the Contractor’s License Application Form to the State.

Which test should I take to obtain an Arizona Contractor License?

Remodeling and Repair Contractor
License for remodeling or repair of existing residential structures.  B-3 General Residential Remodeling and Repair Contractor, C-61 Limited Remodeling and Repair Residential, and L-61 Carpentry Remodeling and Repairs Commercial licenses are all qualified for the same exam. You will be required to pass a 70 question Remodeling and Repair Contractor Exam.  You will also need to pass an 80 question Business Management Exam.

The B/B-2 General Residential Contractor examination
This exam is for Residential Builders, Small Commercial Builders, or both and covers the construction of all or any part of a residential structure.  This license also includes work in B-3 and most of the C Specialties. For this license, you must pass a 100 Question General Residential and Small Commercial Contractor Exam. You will also need to pass an 80 question Business Management Exam.

The B-1 General Commercial Contractor examination
Contractors that will supervise or manage any part of the building or remodel of any structure over $250,000 (labor and materials) and three stories or more.  This license also includes most of the L specialties. You will need to pass a 100 Question General Commercial Contractor License Exam. You will also be required to pass an 80 Question Business Management Exam.

Is Arizona Building Contractor continuing education required?

No. Arizona does not require continuing education after initial licensure.

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