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Fair Housing for Mississippi Real Estate Professionals

Federal law prohibits many forms of discrimination. Most states, including Mississippi, have fair housing acts that expand the federal laws, and some communities have local ordinances. In 1866 the Civil Rights Act prohibited discrimination in real estate. In 1968 the Fair Housing Act extended that protection to include skin color, religion, sex, status, national origin or handicap. It is important to realize Fair Housing laws are very much a part of today’s real estate market. Both Federal and State governments employ “testers” to police the industry. Testing is not considered entrapment and the results are admissible in court.

Fair Housing is the law of the land, and even in the face of some apparent exceptions, there is no room for discrimination of any sort in the business of housing. The Fair Housing Act has its roots in the civil rights movement and is arguably the final great legislative achievement of the times. It is a landmark civil rights act that pushed back decades of discrimination.

Make sure as a real estate professional, you understand the laws and regulations associated with the Fair Housing Act. Our 3 hour Mississippi Approved Fair Housing course will help you to understand the ins and outs of this law. After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Understand the history behind and the connection between civil rights legislation and the Fair Housing Act.
  • Recognize and apply the standards outlined by court decisions in Fair Housing case law.
  • Be able to integrate the rules and regulations pertaining to Fair Housing laws in the real estate industry.

What are the Mississippi real estate renewal requirements?

Mississippi real estate professionals must renew their licenses every two years on the anniversary of initial licensure.  Before renewal, they must complete 16-hours of continuing education including 8-hours of Mississippi License Law, Contract Law, and Agency Law.

Where can I find courses to renew my Mississippi real estate license?

Real Estate Training Institute offers Mississippi approved courses for license renewal online in HD video. Courses are available 24/7 so you can complete your continuing education at your own pace.



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