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Florida Contractors Have 3 Months Left to Complete Their Required CE

Certified contractor licenses are statewide and allow you to work as a contractor anywhere in Florida. Certified contractors must renew their license by August 31 of each even-numbered year. Registered contractor licenses are different than Certified contractors. They are limited to certain local jurisdictions and only allow you to work in the cities or counties where you hold a certificate of competency. Registered contractors renew their license by August 31 each odd-numbered year.

How much continuing education do I need to renew my Florida Contractors license?

Certified Contractors are required to complete fourteen (14) hours of continuing education each renewal cycle.  Of the fourteen hours, one hour is required in each of the following topics:

  • Specialized or Advanced Module that is approved by the Florida Building Commission
  • Workplace Safety
  • Business Practices
  • Worker’s Compensation
  • Laws and Rules Regulating the Construction Industry
  • Wind Mitigation Methodologies (if license is held in the following category:  General, Building, Residential, Roofing, Specialty Structure, or Glass & Glazing.
  • The remaining hours may include any of the above topics or general topics in the industry.

Two of the most popular course packages for Florida Certified Contractors are:

14-Hour FL Contractor License Renewal Package #2 – Weatherization and Renewable Energy

The package includes:

  • 7-Hour Florida Weatherization and Renewable Energy (#0610624 and Architect AIA Members #AIABLTI303 for 6 Hrs.)
  • 6-Hour Online Required Competency Course (#0610132)
  • 1-Hour Online Advanced Module on Thermal & Moisture Protection: Keeping the Weather Out (#0610640)

14-Hour FL Contractor License Renewal Package #4 – Contracts, Liability and Risk Management

This package includes:

  • 7-Hour Florida Online Contracts, Liability and Risk Management (#0610130 and Architect AIA Members #AIABLTI302 for 6 Hrs.)
  • 6-Hour Online Required Competency Course (#061032)
  • 1-Hour Online Advanced Module on Gable End Anchoring & Framing for High Velocity Winds (#0610163)

Courses within this package are either video or fully narrated and fulfill all requirements for the two-year renewal cycle for Registered Contractors and Certified Contractors.

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