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Florida Registered Contractor Renewal

How do I renew my Florida registered contractor license?
Registered contractors must renew their license by August 31, 2017. Licenses can be renewed by following these steps:

  1. Complete 14 hours of continuing education (see details below)
  2. Renew your license online
  3. Pay the appropriate fee (see details below)

What are the continuing education requirements for a Florida registered contractor?
Registered Contractors are required to complete 14 hours of continuing education each renewal cycle including one hour  of the following topics:

  • Specialized or Advanced Module that is approved by the Florida Building Commission
  • Workplace Safety
  • Business Practices
  • Worker’s Compensation
  • Laws and Rules Regulating the Construction Industry
  • Wind Mitigation Methodologies (if license is held in the following category:  General, Building, Residential, Roofing, Specialty Structure, or Glass & Glazing)

The remaining hours may include any of the above topics or general topics to the industry.

Where can I find courses to renew my Florida registered contractor?
Builders License Training Institute offers a complete 14-hour renewal package and individual courses for Florida registered contractors. Courses are completed online, at your convenience, on any internet capable device.

What is the fee to renew my Florida registered contractor license?
Registered contractors must pay varying fees depending on their license status.

  • Current, Active Individual – $209.00
  • Current, Active Qualifying Business – $259.00
  • Delinquent, Active Individual – $309.00
  • Delinquent, Active Qualifying Business – $359.00
  • Current, Inactive – $59.00
  • Delinquent, Inactive – $218.00



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