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Georgia Architect License Renewal

What is required to renew my Georgia architects license?

The state of Georgia requires architects to take 24 hours of continuing education within each renewal cycle, 16 of these hours must be HSW.  These requirements will also cover the AIA’s 18 hours with 12 hours of HSW.  Georgia licenses expire on June 30th, 2017.

How do I renew my Georgia architect license?

Licenses can be renewed online once you receive the postcard notification that will be mailed to you by the State. Access to an online renewal application can be found through the Board’s website by clicking on the License Renewal button.

Where can I find courses to renew my Georgia architect license?

Architect training institute offers a course package to meet all 24 hours of continuing education required by Georgia.  Architects can also buy smaller packaged or purchase courses individually if they have already taken some continuing education.

Who submits my continuing education?

Architect Training Institute submits continuing education to the AIA and students are responsible for submitting their CE to Georgia.  Certificates are available for students to print at home once the course is completed.

For more information about Georgia Architect Licensing or Architect Licensing in general please call 1-800-727-7104 or email


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