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Georgia Contractors, 21 Days Left to Complete Your Continued Education!

Is Contractor Continued Education Required in Georgia?

Yes, an applicant for renewal of his or her residential license must complete 3 hours of acceptable continuing education each year for a Georgia Residential Basic license, and 6 hours of continuing education each year for a Georgia Residential Light Commercial license. The state considers the year to be between July 1st through June 30th.

What licenses Require Continued Education?

Three (3) Hours required for

  • Residential Basic Individual
  • Residential Basic Qualifying Agent

Six (6) Hours required for

  • Residential Light Commercial Individual
  • Residential Light Qualifying Agent

No Continued Education is Required for

  • General Contractor Individual
  • General Contractor Limited Tier IND
  • General Contractor Limited Tier QA
  • General Contractor Qualifying Agent

What courses are available to me for Completing my Georgia Continued Education?

We have several 6 and 3 hour courses for contractors to choose from. Two of our hottest courses are:

  • Successful Site Design (3 hour): This course will help you to navigate your entire team through the challenges and pitfalls of site development, all the time with an eye toward building design.
  • Drones in Construction (3 hour): This course is an introduction to the use of Drones within the Construction industry. It is available in video format!
Disclaimer: Online continuing education courses can be completed for contractor continuing education. However, Georgia allows a maximum of 50% of your continuing education may be completed online. 

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