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Green Building for Architects in 2016

Architecture is something that will always be changing. New ideas and innovations are being brought to light and to fruition with each new year. Generations are going to dictate what they want to see in the coming years of architecture. This year is projected to be the year of the Millennials, a generation built on “smart” technology, energy efficient homes, and green buildings.


  • The article 2016 Green Design Predictions by Inhabitat focuses on “what 2016 will hold for green design and the environment.” The article centers on architects and environmentalists alike as they voice their predictions for 2016.



  • With all these changes and ideas of going “green” the meaning behind the phrase “Green Architecture” gets missed. Encyclopedia Britannica has written an article that shares what it means to build and design “green.”


  • Around the world, architects are pushing the limits of what it means to build green. Some architects take the term building green quite literally, in this article on 12 Architect who built houses around trees instead of cutting them down.

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