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WPS Compliance Violation

Hawaiian Farm Pays $550,000 For Failure to Comply with Worker Protection Standards (WPS)

A Hawaiian Farm is accused of using a pesticide known as Lorsban Advanced incorrectly and failing to notify workers to avoid the field. Furthermore, the farm allegedly allowed and directed workers to enter the treated fields before an adequate amount of time had passed, without protective gear or access to decontamination supplies.

The Hawaii Department of Agriculture began an initial investigation in January of 2016 and deferred the case to the EPA for enforcement later that year. The EPA determined that the farm was in clear violation of the FIFRA Worker Protection Standard Regulations. In February of 2018 the farm reached an agreement with the EPA to pay $400,000 on eleven WPS training sessions and a $150,000 civil penalty.

Not only will the farm be required to provide $400,000 worth of Worker Protection Standard Trainings, but they must also develop compliance kits in 4 languages to accommodate the diverse populations of Hawaii, Guam, and the Northern Mariana Islands where the company has commercial farms.

Worker Protection Standard enforcement has not been widely advertised, however, as seen above, repercussions are steep and costly. Training your staff before a problem occurs is a preventative measure that will help you avoid costly lawsuits, medical bills, fines, and save your business’s reputation.

Do You Employ Workers and Handlers? 

Visit for online, EPA approved, video Worker Protection Standard training programs in English and Spanish.

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