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History of Drones

Military to Commercial Use

For over a hundred years drone use was mostly exclusive to militaries. For example, the Kettering Bug, designed by Orville Wright and Charles F. Kettering, was able to drop bombs on predetermined targets up to 75 miles away.  Operators could direct the Bug after calculating wind speed, direction, and desired distance. Today’s military uses far more sophisticated drones for surveillance and targeted warfare. Jeff Bazos of Amazon announced plans to begin using drones for delivery in 2013. Since this announcement, many commercial industries have begun finding ways to use drones to enhance their business.

Commercial Drones

Some of the industries currently using drones are construction, real estate, and search and rescue. In construction, drones are often used to survey job sites. Specialized software is also used to make 3D models and topographical maps after drones collect appropriate data. The real estate industry uses drones to capture compelling, aerial listing photos and examine properties for damage. Search and rescue teams fly drones over disaster areas to locate individuals in need of rescue. In each industry, drones are used to provide a unique perspective.

Drones used for commercial purposes must be piloted by an individual who has passed the FAA Small Unmanned Aerial Systems Exam and been vetted by the TSA.

FAA Unmanned Aerial Systems Exam Prep & Drone Pilot Courses

Certified Training Institute offers online exam prep and drone pilot training courses. Specialized courses are available for drones in real estate and drones in construction; each of these courses is approved for continuing education in various states. Courses are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so they can be completed at your convenience.


FAA Drone Training


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