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How Do I Get My Oregon Contractor's License?

There are 3 main steps in getting your Oregon Builder’s License:

1)  Complete a State-approved 16-Hour Contractor Exam Prep Course.

2)  Register with PSI to take the Construction Contractors Board’s test.

3)  Submit license application to the state of Oregon.

Step 1.

Complete a State-approved 16-Hour Contractor Exam Prep Course. This course must be approved by the state of Oregon for the Oregon’s Contractor Exam prep requirement. Builders License Training Institute is approved by the state to offer this course to students. The 16 hour Exam Prep consist of 11 Chapters that students can complete in an online video course. The chapters are as follows:

  • Chapter 1: Contractor Law and Regulations
  • Chapter 2: Employer Obligations and Employee Rights
  • Chapter 3: Contract Law
  • Chapter 4: Construction Lein Law
  • Chapter 5: Taxes, Record Keeping and Business
  • Chapter 6: Project Management and Scheduling
  • Chapter 7: Building Codes
  • Chapter 8: OR-OSHA and Safety Issues
  • Chapter 9: Environmental Laws and Practices
  • Chapter 10: Building Exterior Shell Training
  • Chapter 11:  Practice Questions

View Approved Oregon Contractor exam prep courses here.
Available in Online Video Format.

Step 2.

After successfully completing the Oregon 16-HR Contractor Exam Prep Course register with PSI. Builders License Training Institute will report your completion to PSI, the testing company, the next business day after you complete the course. You will need to wait two business days before PSI will allow you to schedule your exam.

Scheduling Your Exam

  • To register call PSI at 1-800-733-9267 or visit their website at
  • The cost is $60 for the OR Construction Contractor (200 minutes) exam
    • To retake the Exam it is another $60.00

Step 3.

Before submitting your license application to the state of Oregon you must make sure that the following have been completed:

  • File your assumed business name, corporation or LLC at the Oregon Corporation Division
  • Obtain and submit a CCB surety bond in the required amount.

  • Obtain and provide proof of general liability insurance in the required amount.

  • Provide evidence of worker’s compensation and other employer account numbers if applicable.

  • Apply for and get the State BIN (Business Identification Number) number from the Oregon Dept. of Revenue and write it on the application.

  • Apply for and get the Federal EIN from the IRS. (Do not substitute a Social Security Number for the EIN number.)

After completing all of the above you can now apply to the state to obtain your Oregon Contractors License. The application fee is $325 for a two year cycle and you must apply for your license within 24 months of passing the State Exam


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