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Indiana Pesticide Applicator License Renewal

Indiana Pesticide Applicator Licensing Renewal FAQ’s

Pesticide applicators licensed in the state of Indiana are required to renew their licenses every year by December 31st, and that deadline is fast approaching. Here are some frequently asked questions regarding Indiana pesticide applicator continuing education and licensing renewals so you can make sure you are ready to renew your license on time!

How many continuing certification hours (CCH) are required to renew my Indiana pesticide applicator license?

Requirements differ by category type:

Category 1 - Agricultural Pest Management - 20 CCH
Category 2 - Forest Pest Management - 10 CCH
Category 3a - Ornamental Pest Management - 15 CCH
Category 3b - Turf Management - 20 CCH
Category 4 - Seed Treatment - 10 CCH
Category 5 - Aquatic Pest Management - 15 CCH
Category 6 - Industrial Weed Management - 15 CCH
Category 7a - Industrial, Institutional, Structural and Health-Related Pest Management - 20 CCH
Category 7b - Termite Control - 15 CCH
Category 7d - Fumigation - 20 CCH
Category 8 - Community-Wide Mosquito Control - 15 CCH
Category 11 - Aerial Application - 20 CCH
Category 12 - Wood Destroying Pest Inspection - 10 CCH
Category 13 - Limited Certification - 10 CCH
Category 14 - Agricultural Fertilizer Application - 3 CCH
Category RT - Registered Technician - 8 CCH

Are your pesticide applicator continuing education courses approved by the state?

Yes, all of our courses are approved by the Office of Indiana State Chemist. Course approval numbers can be found in the titles of the courses.

Who submits my continuing education to the state?

You will need to submit your own continuing education to the state.

How long is my Indiana Pesticide Applicator's Certification valid?

1 year

How do I renew my Indiana Pesticide Applicator's Certification?

  1. Complete the Renewal Letter that comes in October
  2. Complete the correct amount of CCH
  3. Send both to State

My Indiana Pesticide Applicator's Certification expired, how do I get it reinstated?

If a commercial license is expired but their certification is still in good standing then the applicator needs to do is submit a new application along with any fees that maybe required.

If a private applicators license is expired and they did not earn the necessary points to be renewed then they will need to retake the Core exam. If they earned the needed points, then again all we need is a new application with a check for $20.

Who can I contact at the state with other questions?

Phone: (765) 494-1492
Fax: (765) 494-4331

Web: Office of Indiana State Chemist




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