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Innovative German Architecture

(photo by 3deluxe)

The KaffeePartner is a coffee machine manufacturing company headquartered in Osnabruck, Germany. The KaffeePartner headquarters were designed by 3deluxe and built in 2012 after just 16 months of construction.  The building is U-shaped and made of white concrete. The corner portion of the building consists of 150 custom-made concrete parts. Each slab is unique with differing widths, giving street viewers an ever-changing view in terms of depth and light.  The property includes factory and administrative aspects of KaffeePartner, as well as, a coffee drive through and sitting area for the public.

3deluxe designed the building with an eye for architectural sculpture and the functionality of commercial buildings. The building is designed to convey the personality of KaffeePartner, right down to the coffee-inspired color palette.

3deluxe is gaining notoriety for designing unique spaces tailored to their inhabitants. The Leonardo Glass Cube was built in 2003 for Glaskoch, a German glass goods manufacturer. The company uses the innovative building for meetings and corporate hospitality. The Cube was designed to blur the lines between the interior and exterior of the property while demonstrating Glaskoch’s products to visitors.

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