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Instructor Wayde Hoppe Brings Insight to His Course: Successful Site Design

While land developers are seeking to maximize their land use and minimize their development costs, governmental regulations are applying pressures on budgets that can kill a project.  Architects are being relied upon to steer site decisions and engineering professionals in order to produce cost effective and functional designs that meet the myriad of growing municipal requirements.  If you are a project manager or designer you will need to learn to navigate your entire team through the challenges and pitfalls of site development, all the time with an eye toward building design.

Architects Training Institute has created a course for site design that will assist you through all of the ins-and-outs of site development. The course integrates audio, video and written text for an enriching experience.

We have partnered with Architect and Instructor Wayde Hoppe to produce an online continuing education course that will cover the following topics:

  • Pre-design including what information should be secured early and how that research will affect the scope, terms and additional services of the agreement
  • Programming for the proposed building and site and how that program will impact the use of the proposed property.
  • Site Selection and how to evaluate site constraints including governmental restrictions, site design standards, and utility coordination. This critical step will help you and your client to anticipate hurdles and to make informed decisions that could save great amounts of money.
  • Maximizing building size and site utilization in order to provide your clients with the best return on their investment. This is where your design will prove the value of your research and knowledge.
  • Documentation and Construction administration considerations giving you tools to execute your design in the field. It won’t matter how well you designed the project if the contractor does not have sufficient documentation.

 About the Instructor

head-shot-of-instructor-wayde-hoppeArchitect and Instructor Wayde Hoppe has been a licensed architect for nearly 27 years and has been working in the design and construction industry since 1982.  He has also been a principal and owner of two separate architectural firms.


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