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It’s Not Fight or Flight . . . It’s FREEZE, Flight or Fight!

It’s surprising what our bodies are capable of doing in extreme circumstances. Some responses are prewired into our subconscious. Often times we are confused by the body's reaction (or lack thereof) when dealing with extreme fear.

When you are attacked your body will immediately and without your consent, undergo a series of physiological changes. Some can be helpful, while a majority of them will not be seen as beneficial and with most people can even inhibit performance.  It is not Fight or Flight. . . it is Freeze, Flight or Fight.

When a sudden and violent attack occurs, the limbic system in our brain kicks into overdrive and puts into action a series of internal changes.

Physiological Changes

Your body will begin by pooling blood to your core. . . a protective action to keep ample blood available for our vital internal organs.

This pooling will cause two notable issues:

  1. Your dexterity will be affected: fine and complex motor skills will deteriorate.
  2. You may not notice a serious injury to your extremities until the danger or event has passed.

Physical Limitations

Fully expect the following to occur when under attack:

  • Hearing Loss - you may not hear a train going by, but hear a pin hit the ground.
  • Loss of peripheral vision - seeing only what is directly in front of you.
  • Your heartbeat, breathing and blood pressure may increase.
  • You may experience Colorblindness
  • Involuntary urination or defecation (yes, this happens more frequently than you know)
  • Your mouth may go dry.
  • You may feel like you are moving in slow motion.

All of the above is what often makes us terrible eyewitnesses when we are directly involved in a major stressful event.

One way to counteract these involuntary reactions is through visualization drills. 

A visualization drill is basically adult daydreaming.  Visualizing yourself experiencing an attack and successfully making it through the other end of it. The benefit of doing this is to put your mind through an event multiple times so that if it actually occurs, your mind will allow your body to respond better. “The body can’t go where the mind hasn’t been.” Says instructor Taylor.   Many studies have been done on this topic with Military Special Forces returning from Iraq. These visualization drills allowed them to function better in stressful environments or encounters.

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