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Weed Biology Part 2 : Stages of Growth

As you might guess, the seedling phase is when all plants (weeds and desirable plants alike) are the most tender. Seedling are the infants of the plant world. Seedlings have immature root and shoot systems. The water and nutrient content of the soil needs to be almost perfect. Any disturbance in the root system will be highly detrimental if not fatal. A pesticide application can be severely detrimental to seedlings even if the pesticide is not an herbicide. Mechanical controls are also highly effective in managing seedlings. When using mechanical controls take care not to damage any seedlings of the desirable plants, for example turf.

Weed Biology Part 1 Monocot Vs. Dicot

Calling All Certified Crop Advisers!

Pesticide Applicators! Is Your Recertification Deadline Approaching?

Invasive or Non-native? What’s the difference?

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