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Kansas Architects! Your June 30th Renewal Is Less Than 90 Days Away

Kansas architects with last names beginning with the initials A-L have a renewal date of June 30th even years. Architects are required to complete 30 hours of continued education covering approved Professional Development Hours (PDH) topics.

How do I renew my Kansas architects license?

The state of Kansas sends out renewal reminders each renewal cycle 60 days prior to your license expiration. Architects can renew their licenses online through their account. For late renewals, architects will need so submit a hardcopy of the renewal application to the state of Kansas. Any late renewal applications must include proof of the completion of the continuing education.

How Many Hours of CE are required to Renew My Kansas Architects License?

Kansas Architects are required to complete 30-HRs of approved Professional Development Hours (PDH) continuing education courses. All continuing education must be completed by June 30th even number years for last names beginning with A-L. Architects Training Institute offers many different course packages and individual course that are AIA approved and fulfill Kansas Architects license renewal requirements.

Along with individual AIA approved courses Architects Training Institute has created 4 different course packages specifically for Architects in Kansas. These packages range from 8-HRs to 24-HRs and are approved for license renewal.


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