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Keeping Lead Paint Dust Contained During Renovations

When renovating a pre-1978 home it is important to keep the proper barriers in place to contain dust. You are responsible for making sure that lead dust does not migrate out of the containment area. Failure secure a jobsite during renovation properly can lead to, dust and debris spreading beyond the minimum contained area required by the RRP Rule.

What is containment?

“Containment” is a system of temporary barriers used to isolate a work area, so that no dust or debris escapes while the renovation is performed. In general, there are many degrees of containment, ranging from simple plastic sheeting on the floor surrounding a small work area, to a fully enclosed space. Containment is required by the RRP Rule because it reduces the risk to workers and residents as well as facilitating efficient cleaning of the work area.

Containing a work area includes:

  • Removing objects and furniture from the work area
  • Covering floors (or ground) with plastic sheeting, a minimum of 6 ft. (10 ft. for exterior work)EPA Lead Renovation Repair and Painting (RRP) Training
  • Close, and use plastic sheeting to seal, all windows, doors and air ducts in the work area
  • Covering doors used to enter the work area with plastic sheeting in a manner that allows workers to pass through but contains the dust.
  • Performing an HVAC Survey
  • Putting up secure barriers
  • Posting signs
  • Telling residents or occupants to stay out.

Who needs a Lead Paint Renovator Certification?

lead paint renovator securing a job site Anyone who works on pre-1978 homes or child-occupied facilities must be certified as a Lead Paint Renovator. This includes Contractors, property managers, janitors, handymen, landlords, etc…Anyone who is doing work on a pre-1978 home for compensation must have a lead paint certification. Compensation can be a direct payment, rent, or any other form of currency exchange. The Builders License Training Institute offers a Lead Paint Safety Initial Certification class. Click here for a class scheduled near you.

For contractors and individuals, currently certified as a Lead Paint Renovator, we now offer the 4-hour (RRP) refresher course online! Now you are able to take the refresher course online at your own convenience without the hassle of driving for a half day class! The Lead Paint certificate for the 4-hour RRP online refresher course is valid for 3 years.

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