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 When does my Maryland certified pesticide applicator license expire?

Commercial applicator licenses expire on June 30th, 2017.
Private applicator certificates expire on December 31st, every three years.

How do I renew my Maryland certified applicator license?

The state of Maryland will send you a renewal information card about a month before your renewal. The first step to renewing your Maryland applicator license is completing your continuing education.  Private applicators must complete 4 credits equaling 2 hours of continuing education. Commercial applicator continuing education depends on the categories in which they are licensed. Applicators licensed in (10) Wood Preservatives or (12) Antifouling Paint must attend training in person, all other categories may complete their continuing education online or in person.

8 credits | 4 hours 6 credits | 3 hours 4 credits | 2 hours
(1)   Agricultural Plant (2)  Forest Pest Control (4)   Seed Treatment
(3)   Ornamental & Turf (5)  Aquatic Pest Control (11) Pesticide Dealer
(7)   Structural Pest Control (6)  Right of Way
(9)   Demo & Research (8)  Public Health
(13) Microbial Pest Control


Once your continuing education is complete your license is renewed through the Maryland Department of Agriculture website. You will be able to log onto the site with your business license/ permit number and the code you received on your information card. Commercial applicators will be subject to a $150 renewal fee.

Where do I find courses to renew my Maryland pesticide license?

Certified Training Institute offers online continuing education courses approved by the Maryland Department of Agriculture to renew your pesticide applicator license. Courses are available 24/7, at your convenience with the benefit of a full staff to answer any questions you may have. Certified Training Institute will submit your continuing education the next business day after completion. You will be able to save and print a copy of your certificate immediately after finishing your courses.

What happens if my Maryland pesticide license expires?

Applicators will have a one month grace period to renew. After the grace period, a $30 late fee per license will be incurred.

Maryland Pesticide Applicator Courses
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