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Massachusetts Construction Supervisor Renewal Guide

How do I renew my Massachusetts construction supervisor license?
Unrestricted, restricted, and specialty construction supervisors are required contractors to:

  1. Complete the required continuing education (see table below)
  2. Request a renewal application from DPS here. (check your spam folders for a message titled “Renewal Notice Enclosed”. Allow 3 days to receive the form.
  3. Complete and mail the renewal application with a $100 fee, allow 5 weeks for processing
    Renew your license online with a $100 fee.

What continuing education do I need to renew my Massachusetts construction supervisor license?
Massachusetts construction supervisors must complete varying continuing education depending on their license type.

Unrestricted Construction Supervisors 12 hours of continuing education
Restricted Construction Supervisors 10 hours of continuing education
Specialty Construction Supervisors 6 hours of continuing education per category*


*Specialty construction supervisors have a maximum of 12 hours of continuing education, even if you are licensed in all 6 categories you must complete 12 hours of continuing education.

Where do I find courses to renew my Massachusetts construction supervisor license?
Builders License Training Institute offers Massachusetts approved continuing education. Courses are completed online, at your convenience, on any internet capable device. You may purchase courses at any point in your licensing cycle and have access to them until your expiration date or six months from purchase, whichever is longer.

I missed the renewal date for my Massachusetts construction supervisor license, what do I do?
You may not legally work until you have renewed your license. Licenses can be renewed for up to two years after expiration.

  • Expired less than 2 years – You may renew your license by paying an additional $100 fee, meaning late renewals cost $200.
  • Expired more than 2 years – You must retake the exam and apply for a new license.

Massachusetts Construction Supervisor Continuing Education



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